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In the icy expanse of the Boreal North, 18-year-old Cole Hawkins disappears on his way to a hockey tournament.

His sister, Mayka, embarks on a relentless search that turns into a fight for survival against an otherworldly threat.



Cole Hawkins is a vibrant and enthusiastic 18-year-old who vanishes during a long car journey to a hockey tournament in northern Canada.


Mayka Hawkins is a determined individual who uses her military expertise to relentlessly pursue the truth about her missing brother, Cole. 


Striker is a homeless military veteran who crosses paths with Cole. His compassion and life experience forge a fatherly bond between them.

Remi Ramsey is a local law enforcement officer who becomes a crucial ally for Mayka in her quest to uncover the whereabouts of her brother, Cole.


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Father Tremblay is a charismatic preacher who delved into abhorrent experiments, leading to a malevolent outcome.


putrid is One of the many wolf/human hybrids that stemmed from father tremblay's unholy experiments 

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With a tone reminiscent of the  bleak and chilling atmosphere of “WIND RIVER (2017)”, the film's first half will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as they navigate the intricate puzzle surrounding Cole's disappearance.


The non-linear structure will provide insights into our Gen-Z protagonist, Cole, with dialogue that's both vibrant and modern, akin to "Talk To Me (2023)."


As the story unfolds, it will hint at from "From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)," transitioning abruptly in the second half from a suspenseful thriller into an action packed creature feature, creating a relentless "fight or flight" atmosphere.


To adhere to a modest $1.5 million projected budget, we'll employ suspenseful storytelling techniques hinting at impending threats through clever use of shadows, reaction shots, and, of course, copious amounts of blood as well as strategically placed, skillfully crafted animatronics. 

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Siblings Julien Martre and Estelle Martre have made significant strides in their burgeoning careers as filmmakers. They have successfully written and directed three short films, with "Compelled" (2022) standing out as a noteworthy achievement, earning them the winning laurel at the Hollywood Blood Horror Fest as well as many other selections and accolades at film festivals around the world.

What sets this dynamic duo apart is their diverse skill set. They bring a wealth of experience from various fields, including corporate videos, docuseries, activist campaigns,  music Videos, acting, and SFX makeup. This diverse background not only fuels their creativity but also makes them highly efficient in executing their creative projects.

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