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8 Places to Easily Find Freelance Video Editor for Business Video

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Liza Brown Sep 28, 2020• Proven solutions

The businesses, nowadays, opt for video marketing to promote their services, product, or the overall brand.  Are you a business owner? If you are one, then you must know the value of videos for promoting your brand and products. If you lack the energy and time to create the videos, you may opt for the freelance video production by the video editors. The freelance video editor helps in creating engaging video content like explainer videos, product videos, etc.  Are you wondering where can you search for the freelance video editors? Here are 8 places to easily find freelance video editor for your business video.

  • Part 1: 8 Places to Find Freelance Video Editor

  • Part 2: Be Careful When Hiring a Freelancer

Part 1: 8 Places to Find Freelance Video Editor

Upwork is the most popular job site to find freelance video editor. It came into the function when Elance merged with oDesk nearly a decade ago. You can find video editors from across the globe on Upwork. There are millions of video editing tasks posted by various companies each year and an equal number of video editors to take up the tasks and complete them successfully. You may also check the portfolio of the video editors, their rating and feedback from the past clients, and the projects they have completed before hiring the video editors. It helps you to be sure about the performance of the video editors. Upwork charges 20% from both the freelancers and the companies.

In PeoplePerHour, you can find the freelance video editor under the video editing category. You can check the profile of a number of video editors, check their skills, feedbacks from their other clients, and invite them to send a proposal for your project according to your requirement. Once you post a project, you will also get several proposals from the freelance video editors who search for the jobs matching their skill set. Both ways, you can select the most qualified video editor to complete your project requirements.

The next one is the ProductionHub founded in 1999. It is possibly the leading job site for media production on the Internet today. All the major television networks and studios have found their crew members through the ProductionHub site. ProductionHub basic membership charges run at $4.99 per month and go up to $119 per month. It is a great resource for both production companies and equipment to find local full-time, part-time, and internship jobs in your area.

In Fiverr, you can hire the top-rated sellers by going through their profile and skills. To meet your deadlines, project planning and goals, you can find a number of freelance video editors promoting their profiles with their set of skills. You can check their profiles and hire them to complete your project within a certain timeframe. You can find various freelancers offering video editing at a different price range. Select the best one according to your budget. When you place the right gig, there’s no dearth of a skilled freelance video editor on Fiverr.

If you need a video editor, you need not go far. Just by browsing Viedit sitting on your couch, you can get a freelance video editor with the apt skills required for your project. For freelance video production, you can check out the portfolio of the video editor and hire one as per their previous experience.

For sharing and showcasing the creative work, the artists use the online community of Behance. You can sign up for Adobe Portfolio to share your work through Behance and create your online presence. It has a huge list of freelance video editor and freelance video production jobs. To list a job, Behance charges an exceptionally high fee of $200.

If you are looking for video production, you can easily find videographers, video editors, and animators on Videopixie. You can find thousands of video editing professionals according to your budget on this site. Choose the fittest freelance video editor according to their portfolio, production cost, and talent.

An online database for job postings and video production services, Mandy provides television and film resources for both US and abroad. You can search for a freelance video editor on Mandy. Mandy is especially dedicated to television and film production work and you can find highly qualified freelance video editor on Mandy.

Part 2: Be Careful When Hiring a Freelancer

1. Make a Contract

It is always important to create a contract when you start working on a project. Verbal agreements can lead to confusion at a later date. You need to work as professionals and not just as good human beings. When you work without a contract, you have to remember each and every detail. Do you think it is possible to remember every detail of the project? When the verbal contracts break, it leads to unmet expectations, confusion, and the loss of a client. Here are some tips for writing a contract.

To avoid such a messy situation, it is essential to use a contract and clarify each and every detail of the project, how much you will get paid, deadlines, etc.

2. Know Freelancer Skills Enough

When you look for a freelance video production, it is important to know the skills of the freelance video editor enough to find the right fit for your project. If you hire a video editor without unique talents and skill matching your project, you will be at loss. You have to pay to the wrong professional and face problems in going through the process of searching the right freelance video editor once again.

It wastes your time, energy, and efforts. So, always know the skills of your video editor well before hiring one.


There are several sites to search for the best freelance video editor to complete your video production. Now, that you know the best sites to find the right video editor to complete your project, outsource your video editing work and focus on the necessary areas that need your attention. Just be careful before hiring a freelance video editor because a wrong one can bring a lot of trouble for you. Hire the right video editor and share amazing videos online.

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