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Alice's family has acquired an ancestral home with a chilling history. The property was once a religious convent where unspeakable atrocities were committed, leaving a haunting legacy.

As Alice settles into her new home, she discovers that a sinister entity still lingers within its walls. This malevolent force has the power to manipulate reality and inflict overwhelming guilt, driving those in its grasp to contemplate suicide.

With no escape from this otherworldly presence, Alice must confront the entity head-on and fight for her survival before it's too late.

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Dear fellow horror film fans,

I would like to invite you on our journey into creating our debut horror feature film "Compelled."


The feature stemmed from an idea my sister Estelle (who will also co-direct) had after she had been alone in a creepy old convent that our parents had bought following our dad's work relocation in the countryside.


As soon as Estelle shared her idea with me (which became our award-winning short), the creative juices started flowing, and we developed a whole story around our protagonist, Alice, and her struggle with an evil entity "Baalmoloch" that wreaks havoc on her life and causes her loved ones to drop like flies.


With your interest and support, either as a fan or as an investor (or both!), we believe we can take this story to the big screen and contribute to satiate the hunger of millions of avid horror fans (like us) out there.


This part creature feature part psychological thriller has more than its fair share of gory twists and turns that will make you wince and laugh out loud. We sure did while writing it!


Stay spooky.

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The Feature film

Julien Martre
Screenwriter, Co-Director.

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"Compelled" will be the directorial debut feature film from siblings Julien and Estelle Martre, which is based on their original screenplay.

We'll witness the many twists and turns of this relentless ride through the lens of modern cinematic realism with colloquial and genuine dialogues (what would YOU do if that would happen to you) Ref: Smile (2022), Barbarian (2022).

This psychological horror thriller is peppered with unexpected bursts of gory violence

Ref: Drag Me to Hell (2009) as it explores our protagonist’s relationships through paranormal occurrences that threaten her and her loved ones Ref: Insidious (2010).

Alice is a badass and a survivor, and she’ll stop at nothing, even death, to protect and avenge her loved ones.

The Award Winnig Short

After the writing of the screenplay for the feature film was completed, Julien & Estelle decided to bring the opening pages to life by making a short film out of it. Upon its release on Halloween 2022 they were thrilled to receive some TikTok love as they were flooded with thousands of likes and comments from new fans demanding more.


In a few weeks, their short film had over 80K views. Additionally, it was selected by many horror film festivals throughout the US, France and the UK and they took home the winning laurels for Best Horror Short at Hollywood Blood Horror Fest in L.A.


watch the short on TikTok

The Looks
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