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6/5/2024 - WINNER! "Inside" has already garnered two awards since its release to festivals a few weeks ago. We are thrilled to announce the following recognitions:

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INSIDE - POSTER 2 laurels fixed.png


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(in pre production)

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(in pre production)



Nitty Gritty Films is owned by filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor Julien Martre.


"Compelled" (2022) gained popularity on TikTok, racking up 80,000 views upon its Halloween release. It also earned official selections and special mentions at many horror festivals and won "Best Horror Short" at the Hollywood Blood Horror Fest in October 2022.

"Red River," a Winter Creature Feature, has recently gained recognition by being nominated for the best unproduced screenplay at the esteemed film festival, Terror at the Bay, as well as the STAGE 32 10th annual search for new blood screenwriting contest. "Red River" promises a twist reminiscent of the cult classic "From Dusk Till Dawn."

Driven by their love for horror, Julien and his sister Estelle (co-director) are dedicated to bringing to life the kind of films that resonate with true horror fans—the very films they themselves would eagerly anticipate watching.

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West Hollywood, CA 90069.

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